Get An Insider’s Sneak-Peak Into How I OWNED Amazon’s Affiliate Program, Earning $94,325.70 In Commissions…

This total excludes the money I got from selling my top-earning Amazon site in a deal worth over $100,000.

Inside Niche Profit Course v2 I reveal exactly how I build both small niche Amazon websites as well as larger authority style websites…


Many courses out there promise the world and seem to deliver the goods – until you actually test them out! You see, all these ‘guru’s’ are well aware that only 1% of buyers will actually put the product into action and less than 1% of those action-takers will complain if it doesn’t work. They rely on this and you can believe they bank on it too. Not only that but these so-called ‘strategies’ are mostly just a hodge-podge of loopholes they exploited for a while and then decided to base a product around. In fact, by the time these products are released, those loopholes have usually been closed already.

That’s how fast the internet is moving today!

So my question to you is, do you want to spend your whole life chasing loopholes, hoping to get lucky some day and then milk it for a month or two? Or…

Do you want to learn real skills that will teach you to create a solid, consistent and legit income stream from a real business that you own?

I ask you, what’s a better strategy to make money?

  • Buying lottery tickets.
  • Selling a proven product that people want.

We all know the answer to this but for some reason when it comes to the internet, many people just want the lottery ticket.

I use all the tactics and strategies in this course constantly and have complete confidence they will set you down the right path to success if you take action with the information. Sure, you probably won’t make $5,000 in your first or second month, but believe me when I tell you that making money with Amazon is not that hard! This is by far the easiest way to make money online I’ve found and in the past few years a huge chunk of my business income has come from Amazon affiliate commissions…

Some of you already know me: My name is Chris Guthrie, I’m an internet marketer and I do all kinds of things online ranging from running a podcast, building websites and developing out software projects. However, nothing has made me more money than the income I’ve generated as a result of my focus on Amazon. Nothing! And believe me when I say I’ve tried it all. Sure they all made me money here and there but Amazon is why I was able to leave my job at the end of 2009 and do this full time.

Why Amazon?

Amazon is one of the biggest and oldest affiliate programs in the world and shoppers spent $32 billion at last year!

Need more reasons? No problemo…

They’re HIGHLY Optimized

It’s been well-publicized that Amazon has spent untold millions optimizing their website and product pages for massive performance and conversions. Their site has been polished to a fine diamond – you really just need a trickle of traffic to make money with them. I have had sites which were receiving less than 100 visitors per day, that still sent me 1 or 2 sales per week. I’ve never experienced anything like that before.

Not only that but as soon as people land on their pages, they start window-shopping in a big way. They check out the related products, browse the bestsellers, add things to their cart for fun and generally just go buckwild! Amazon is designed to do exactly that, make people BUY! Just like those sneaky shelves of candy at the checkout aisle, Amazon brainwashes you into buying things. Things you need, but also things you just want as well. This works out just great for us affiliates because…

Amazon Gives Commissions For EVERYTHING You Sell.

So if you have a site on lawn mowers and a visitor that you send to Amazon happens to buy a TV, you get a commission for that too. A good 20% – 30% of my sales every month are for products that I am not even promoting. This is a great boost to my income and will be for yours too.

Here’s a diamond engagement ring I happened to randomly sell one month. This little beauty netted me a $125.93 commission and I DO NOT own a single wedding or jewelry-related site:


People trust Amazon like no other website. The average person will gladly whip out their credit card on Amazon without so much as a hesitation. A site they are unfamiliar like Clickbank they might not be so willing. People know when they buy an eBook that it might be crap, but when people want to buy a digital camera, it’s normal to buy it online. It’s part of our culture now and that’s a huge reason why it’s so easy to sell things on Amazon.

Low Commissions You Say?

Lots of people criticize Amazon’s Affiliate program for their low commissions. This is totally true – their commissions range between 4% and 8.5%, HOWEVER, this is totally irrelevant if you sell a product that costs $300. That’s a $12 to $25.50 commission right there and what happens if you sell a $1000 product? Well the math is simple: you get a fat $40 to $85 commission.

Low Competition:

This course is all about free traffic with no expensive PPC campaigns, ad buys or social media shenanigans. It’s simply not necessary as the competition in Google for these physical products is insanely low.

Here’s What You Get Inside:

10 Step By Step Video Training Modules
2 Extra Bonus Video Modules
Case studies on live income generating websites I still run today
Free Premium Azon WordPress Theme: Cost me well over $2,000 to develop and improve over time

The 10 video modules cover everything:

Module 1: The Basics
Module 2: How To Find A Good Niche
Module 3: How To Set Up An Income Generating Blog
Module 3b: How To Customize Azon Theme (Free Theme!)
Module 4: How To Write Content For Your Blog
Module 5: How To Make Money
Module 6: How To Build Links And Get Traffic
Module 7: Live Mini Site Case Studies
Module 8: Live Authority Site Case Study
Module 9: More Live Website Case Studies
Module 10: Niche Profit Course Wrap Up
Bonus Module: How To Outsource Amazon Sites
Bonus Module: Buying Domain Names After Market

Get it right now to secure your membership.

** “Iron-Clad, 100%, Guaranteed Guarantee” **

I personally guarantee that if you make an effort to use just a few of the strategies in Niche Profit Course and honestly feel that it failed to deliver on anything I promised within the next 60 days, I will give you a complete refund.

WARNING: I will never, ever say there is no work involved in making money with Amazon, because there definitely is. You need to put in a consistent effort in building the best website for your niche before you start seeing results that get you excited, but I’ll never forget when I made my first dollar with Amazon. That was back in early 2009 and before the year was out I had left my full time job and have been building and running websites full time ever since. Motivation comes naturally when you see your commissions getting higher and higher each month. But, if you don’t take action right now you may just drown in a sea of eBooks and misinformation that will rob you of your dreams. What you need to do is take action and follow the exact steps I laid out in this course. It totally works! But only if you use it…

PS: I truly believe from the bottom of my heart that Amazon is the easiest way to make money that exists in the world today. Just go for it!